Rosette Cake 

So this is my first time to make this, this is a 14×20 sheet cake, vanilla chiffon cake. I’m a little but nervous in making this because as I’ve said this is my first time; first time to make the vanilla chiffon cake, first time to make the chocolate ganache, first time to make the rosette design so yeah, goodluck!

Scanned a lot of sheet cake design through Pinterest and I did found a very simple yet elegant one,

(Photo not mine)

Yup this one, the rosette design is just basically on top and with a little paper topper on top and it’s good to go. So here’s my step by step in making my Vanilla Sheet Cake with buttercream frosting, centered with chocolate ganache and topped with rosette’s.

Freshly baked baby, I love seeing those circle airy burnt on top of the cake.

Make sure that when you cut the cake you use a very sharp knife and be careful when you do so. Generously put the chocolate ganache on the center of the cake, I REPEAT only at the center then what you do with the side is just slide some ganache using a spatula or a bread knife because once you put the other cake on top the ganache that you poured on the center will spread on the side so be careful with that one. It tends to be messy sometimes.

Perfect! The ganache has behaved properly.

So I was too excited to make this that I immediately designed the top part of the cake, WHICH IS WRONG because it should be the last part to design or decorate. But of course I still managed to fix this problem, like in our expression here in the Philippines “Keri lang!”

Here it’s is! At the side is just some up and down using a round tip and I piped the side base with a close star tip and viola! I’m done this is headed to the refrigerator.

Next Day ☀️

Happy Easter everyone HE HAS RISEN.

Here is the finished product and ready to deliver!

I’m so happy with the result and with the feedback of course. I have always believed that “kapag may tiyaga may nilaga” that’s another saying here in the Philippines mainly saying that IF YOU WORKS HARD YOU GET GOOD RESULTS OR BLESSINGS!

Tada for now! Happy baking 😊

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