The Push

Clea was responsible for the push && I thank her for doing so. I think she did great for doing it, she made me feel inspired and really motivated to share to the world what I got. We all got that something to share to the world, for us to take part and in my part it’s making sure that your stomach is satisfactorily full. I may not be that good for now but I promise Clea and I’ll do it for you all that I’ll be as good as Gordon Ramsay, wishful thinking.


So let’s go back to the main topic here, The Push. Clea played a big part for HAPPY TUMMY to be who she is right now. It wouldn’t be this great and hmmm am I even allowed to say successful? Of course! Successful without Clea. She’s the one who really organized everything and FIXED my complicated mind. So when everything was put into places that is where I entered and did my part && that is to cook and do my thing.
After Clea’s hard work && of course my talent….
Happy Tummy kind of became viral in the online world, it was really crazy! Everyday we get a maximum of 20 order of Wicked Oreos that I couldn’t even balanced my time in school and in working all of the orders but of course with the support of my partner, Clea I’ve managed it all.
Our everyday routine is that while I’m in school she just go to my house and tries to help and do what she can do then when I arrive I finish everything and do the deliveries. We get to finish at around 6PM && head home.


I like the idea of really getting busy and money was really coming and coming all the way up, I was so grateful to God for giving me such happiness and fulfillment to do what I love. Despite the backache, sweat and all of the ache’s I was happy and Clea was happy for me too.


Main Point

It’s not easy to be motivated to do something especially if we don’t have an inspiration or a reason for doing such that’s why God will always send you someone that will give you that push, that will make you realize how special you are for being you and make you feel good for yourself. Once you find that person don’t ever take him/her for granted because she’s your angel.


For Clea.

Thank You my angel for giving me that push to strive for myself and to share what I got. Words can’t even describe how grateful I am for having you as a partner. We’ve been through a lot and yet here we are still standing. Always know that I got your back as you’ve got mine.

The person you always need to remind and reprimand,

Happy Tummy

Let me first start my first blog by describing my passion for cooking. Since I was a little girl I’ve always watched my Mom cook a lot of good stuff and bake cakes, cupcakes and make desserts which is to die for. Growing up in an environment where cooking and baking is always present, it kind of gave me that point, where it chose me to be the next person to be passed on to this kind of talent and I think that triggers my inner passion to come out and share it to the world. Just to let you know, I am not yet enrolled in any culinary school and I haven’t attended any cooking classes maybe except the classes that I usually watch in youtube, can that be even called classes?  What I am doing now is from scratch, some came from youtube, some came from blogs that I’ve read about and mostly came from my Mom, I admit that.

So, I called her “Happy Tummy” and she’s really been receiving a lot of orders this past few days and going to school while handling my home based business it’s kind of rough but God is so good I have my Girlfriend to help me make this baby rise, her name is Clea. She’s my other half, my business partner she’s the only person whom I gave my trust to my recipes and I hope that someday we can really make Happy Tummy come to life.

BOTTOM LINE is that, you got to have a passion for cooking, without it there will be no life in what you are making.