Happy Tummy

Let me first start my first blog by describing my passion for cooking. Since I was a little girl I’ve always watched my Mom cook a lot of good stuff and bake cakes, cupcakes and make desserts which is to die for. Growing up in an environment where cooking and baking is always present, it kind of gave me that point, where it chose me to be the next person to be passed on to this kind of talent and I think that triggers my inner passion to come out and share it to the world. Just to let you know, I am not yet enrolled in any culinary school and I haven’t attended any cooking classes maybe except the classes that I usually watch in youtube, can that be even called classes?  What I am doing now is from scratch, some came from youtube, some came from blogs that I’ve read about and mostly came from my Mom, I admit that.

So, I called her “Happy Tummy” and she’s really been receiving a lot of orders this past few days and going to school while handling my home based business it’s kind of rough but God is so good I have my Girlfriend to help me make this baby rise, her name is Clea. She’s my other half, my business partner she’s the only person whom I gave my trust to my recipes and I hope that someday we can really make Happy Tummy come to life.

BOTTOM LINE is that, you got to have a passion for cooking, without it there will be no life in what you are making.